Sunday, January 21, 2007

58th Narcissus Queen & Court Selected

Jessica Lau was selected to be the 58th Narcissus Queen and is currently a University of Hawaii @ Manoa student. Formal portraits will be taken within the next month.

The members of the Court include 1st Princess Sibyl Wong, 2nd Princess Adrienne Au, 3rd Princess Jennifer Lam, and 4th Princess Julia Chen. Miss Popularity and the Talent winner was Sibyl Wong and Miss Congeniality was Vanessa Chan.

Left to right: 3rd Princess Jennifer Lam, 1st Princess Sibyl Wong, Queen Jessica Lau, 2nd Princess Adrienne Au, 4th Princess Julia Chen.

All the contestants with Pageant Contestant Coordinator Michele Choy.


Naomi said...

Wow, congratulations to them all! I've been trying to write an article for the student newspaper about the UH winners, but I can only find the prizes for Jessica. Did Sibyl get a scholarship too? What did she get for winning popularity and talent? And, since I didn't get to attend the pageant, what did she do for her talent? Any help you can provide would be great, thanks! I hope they have a great time in China!

bahtbaht said...


For her talent, Sibyl Wong played a classical Chinese string instrument called a guzheng. The beautiful piece she played was a Chinese number transliterated as "The Fisherman Singing in the Evening" ("Yu Zho Chang Man"). As you know, she won Miss Talent, and the "prizes" are the trophy and a sash. Sibyl also won Miss Popularity, and the subsequent prizes are: a trophy and sash, 2 roundtrip inter-island air tickets, AM/FM radio, one certificate of lessons in firearm education, 4 ice cream gift certificates, $100 scholarship, and a $25 Macy's gift certificate. Her prizes for winning First Princess include a long list of prizes, among which are a $500 scholarship, and tuition scholarship for 2007-2008 at HPU. The prizes for the Queen and Princesses are all listed in the 58th Annual Narcissus Festival booklet produced by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.


Teri said...

These are also great photos. Enjoy looking at your work